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IoT Connectivity Consulting

Image by Scott Graham

tekfotonix provides consulting and brokerage to enterprises seeking the right IoT connectivity for their project. Having built long-standing and deep relationships with a global network of connectivity providers, tekfotonix is highly experienced at negotiating to deliver the most cost-effective solution for any IoT project. Recent projects include a local council project providing in-home care for elderly residents, water temperature monitoring at hospitality venues and offshore tidal monitoring buoys, all of which require high availability without significant impact on the overall project ROI.


Zero Trust SMS Security

"what can be done to stop phishing over SMS messages?

tekfotonix took this short project brief and brought together the world-leading solution provider for desktop phishing with the industry's most highly-regarded provider of SMS firewalls to deliver and launch first product ever to enable a Zero Trust strategy for SMS-led fraud and malware attacks. Acting as a product evangelist, the solution is already under implementation at three mobile operators worldwide. 


Developer-focussed IoT startup

tekfotonix undertook a long-term project for a global telecommunications service provider creating an online-first, self-serve IoT connectivity-as-a-service platform. As well as allowing the customer to learn about how to transform their business to offer next-generation services, the customer acquired valuable experience of offering direct to customer experiences which led to a successful exit in 2020 as the project was transferred into the core service offering


Telecom Technology Consulting

tekfotonix is widely called upon to provide technology consulting on an ad-hoc basis. Among the subjects they have provided technical explanation, market insight and future forecasts on are:

  • mobile roaming clearing & settlement

  • eSIM solution providers

  • communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) providers


Security-focussed IoT Startup

Following the success of the project above, tekfotonix were invited to assist a new IoT cellular connectivity venture who had chosen to concentrate on secure signalling as a USP. Assuming the role of Head of Product and Chief Evangelist, a clear product direction and revised go-to-market strategy was delivered and the first two anchor customers were signed.

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